Submit to the cedo25+ Exhibition

Thanks for your submissions!

The CFE is now officially over, but if you are straggling or we have requested additional information, the dropbox and form still work!

1. Upload Digital Files

Digital files are required for all entries, even if you are submitting original work.

Please upload your work to our Dropbox. Before submitting, double check the artwork specifications can be found on the Call for Entries.

All entries should include at least one high-res JPG for use in the printed catalogue:

  • Dimensions: 10" on the longest side at 300 DPI
  • Color Space: Adobe 1998 RGB. Do not use sRGB.
  • File Name: LastnameFirstname_Title_01.jpg — If submitting multiple files, please number accordingly and compress all files as

Ship your work, a pre-paid return mailing label, and any special hanging/display instructions to:

Cedomir Kostovic
Department of Art and Design
901 S. National Ave
Springfield, MO 65897

OR drop off your work at Cedo’s office Monday/Wednesday between 2:30–4 PM:

Brick City 1
Room 319
327 W. Mill St.
Springfield, MO 65806

3. submission Form

Contact Information
Your contact information is required to exhibit at the MSU Student Exhibition Center. It will not be shared with 3rd parties.
Name *
Address *
Phone *
The following information may be used online, in the catalogue, and for other promotional purposes.
Artwork details
Please limit to 600 characters.
Which of Cedo's posters are you responding to? Leave blank if you are submitting other work.
Printing is complimentary for 2D works.
It is the responsibility of the artist to deliver original work and cover any related costs. Please refer to the top of this page for mailing address and drop-off location.
Special equipment/installation requirements must be approved via email prior to September 5.
The SEC strongly suggests insuring all original works. Regardless of whether you are insuring or selling your work, you MUST list an Insurance Value. If you are utilizing our complimentary giclée services, please enter $8 per print.
The SEC receives 25% commission. If you are utilizing our complimentary giclée services, the cost of printing will also be deducted at $8 per sold print. Full details can be found in the Terms and Agreement below. Please list prices in USD. If your work is not for sale, leave blank.
Terms & Agreements
By submitting my work, I agree to the terms set forth by Cedo25+ and the MSU Student Exhibition Center: *
SALES: 1. The SEC receives a 25% commission on all sales through the gallery. Sales subject to commission fees are due for a period of 180 days following the close of an exhibit. Items sold during the exhibit remain in the exhibit until the exhibit is over. If you are utilizing the complimentary giclée services provided by Cedo25+, the cost of printing will also be deducted at $8 per sold print (up to 24" x 36"). 2. Sold items become the property of the SEC until the end of the exhibition period. At that time, they become the property of the purchaser. 3. No art shall be removed. No exhibited item may be removed unless the artist and the Director sign an agreement stating the terms of removal. LIABILITY WAIVER: Cedo25+, Missouri State University, the Student Exhibition Center and its staff will handle original artwork and any equipment provided by the artist with care but cannot assume liability for loss or damage, however caused, while the work and/or equipment are in the possession of the Center or Cedo25+. AUTHORIZATION & RELEASE: Cedo25+ and Missouri State University may use the artist's image(s) and artwork for educational and promotional purposes without limitation. Cedo25+ and the University may copy, distribute, display and otherwise use these images and works for reproduction in printed and electronic material. Cedo25+ and the University may make modifications as are technically necessary to use the images/works, but otherwise has no rights to make adaptations and/or edit content without express written consent of the artist. The artist retains all rights to authorship and will be credited as author with each reproduction. FAILURE TO PICK UP WORK: Any original work that is not picked up within 60 days of the exhibition closing—or for which return delivery has not been arranged and paid at the expense of the artist—will become property of Cedo25+.