Logo Collab: Submit a 25+

Add to our logo! Cedo25+ is about all of his students, and that means you. Make a square image depicting 25+ and send it to us! Keep it simple or go crazy with it. Make one or make ten. And most importantly, have fun.

Submissions are open to all current students and alumni. Submitted work will be displayed at the exhibition and on our instagram. It may also be considered for inclusion in the exhibition catalogue and on promotional materials.



Create artwork that depicts "25+". Keep in mind that your piece will be displayed alone AND as part of the CEDO 25+ lockup.


File Checklist

  1. 25+ Square Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 pixels
  2. Filetype: Save images as vector or high quality .jpg. Videos should be saved as .mov or .mp4. Please include a still for videos.
  3. Filename: LastnameFirstname_#. E.g. your first piece would be BowlinAdam_1.jpg. Your second piece would be BowlinAdam_2.jpg.
  4. Upload your file to Our Dropbox then fill out the form.



Please include the state, e.g. Springfield, MO.
Please upload your files to our Dropbox and enter the filenames below.